Start with a subject guide

August 27, 2014 – 2:12 pm

We have loads and loads of great resources, but sometimes that can be confusing. Where do you start when you are looking for resources for your assignment or presentation. How do you know you are using the best databases, journal articles, websites?

Start with a subject guide

1/ all you need to start a project – all in one spot

2/ quick lists with links

3/ compiled by subject librarians – who know their *stuff*

4/ organised by faculty – see the webpage

5/ most links are to online resources, so useful any time of the day!


Education subject guide

front page of the Education subject guide


PS. If you were around at ACU before 2014, you’ll remember subject guides, but they were called ‘resources by topic’. We are now calling them subject guides as we think that best describes what they really are!

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