On trial: additional modules in IBISworld

March 2, 2015 – 9:01 am

We currently have three additional modules on trial from IBISworld.

  • Australian Industry iExpert Summaries – condenses the integral elements from our industry reports into bite-sized paragraphs, graphics and tables, highlighting the key issues with a Q&A section, for each of the 500 ANZSIC industries.
  • Australian Specialised Industry Reports – a growing collection of research reports on niche and emerging industries.
  • Australian Industry Risk Reports – IBISWorld’s 500 Industry Risk Ratings analyses determine how much risk an industry, at the class level, will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions; industry structure, revenue outlook and key drivers. Our risk rating is a numerical score supported by a high level of analysis.

These are all on trial until 22 April, so please take a look and let us know using the online form.

Why a trial?

Trial access to new resources gives students and staff an opportunity to have a look before we (possibly) buy. Is this trial a great resource that we should have?


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Asian businessman reading paperwork. [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.



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