Snap, crackle, pop and stop: at Strathfield

May 15, 2015 – 2:09 pm

From providing frames for selfies to simulating a pile of burning books, bubble-wrapping tables and chairs, and creating no-go signs, students from Sculpture and Object Design at ACU Strathfield Campus are generating a buzz.

Two groups of students chose the Library as the site for the installation of artworks. One group, inspired by artists Rebecca Lowry, Richard Tipping and Clet Abraham, created a sign post drawing attention to the Library as a place attendant with rules. While Library visitors are accustomed to seeing signs forbidding certain activities such as “No talking”, “No eating” or “No smoking” – and we really do try to keep these to a minimum – the work’s humour derives from highlighting activities that would be out of place in any library, for example, “No diving”.

No Go

The other sculpture was designed to comment on the high cost of education and textbooks and serves as a reminder of the importance of libraries. The work, influenced by artist Jayne Dyer, featured a stack of discarded books painted black and dotted with small flickering lights to resemble a bonfire. No library books were harmed in the making of this display!

photo of art display showing burnt books

Spaces around the Library also served as a “canvas” for artworks. Fallow garden beds were transformed into a burial site reminding us that death is the great equaliser. From the playful idea of creating snowballs and imagining the campus under a blanket of snow emerged a contemplation on the impact of plastic on the environment.

Waste was the theme for another installation that featured discarded plastic bottles suspended in a rope mesh. Another work, comprised of various frames and connected by sisal, comments on the role of social media in our lives. People were welcome to photograph themselves, transform their images – in turn creating new art – and post them to #ACUFramagram.

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