Spotlight on: Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook

June 30, 2015 – 9:49 am

Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook

The Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook is a collaborative venture between pharmacists and nurses. It is a comprehensive reference of 441 injectable medicines, including 62 antineoplastic agents.

This sixth edition includes 25 new monographs and all monographs from the fifth edition have been fully updated.

Each monograph includes availability, generic/trade names, preparation, administration, stability, compatibility/incompatibility data and special notes.

The Handbook offers concise, referenced information commonly needed by nurses and pharmacists when preparing medicines to be administered to a patient by injection.

**Our licence is for 10 concurrent users**

Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook

This edition of AIDH is now responsive to your device providing consistent access across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

It is important that ACU students and staff register properly while on campus to allow them to get full benefit of the resource when they are at home or at work.

  1. On any ACU computer, go to  (also works on your own device if you are connected to ACU wifi).
  2. Follow the steps to register as an INSTITUTIONAL user.
  3. Click VALIDATE on the email you receive to your nominated email account.
  4. Use the credentials you created to sign on to AIDH when you need to access AIDH from home or your mobile device.


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