Strathfield Campus Library opens its doors on the past

September 11, 2015 – 11:18 am

Strathfield Campus Library is gearing up for Open Day on Saturday September 12 which, this year, coincides with celebrations for ACU’s 25th anniversary. The library has prepared a display to mark the occasion which enables prospective students and their families to learn about the development of the university and campus.


Commemorative posters describe ACU’s history, its people, students and impact. One outlines the history of the buildings and surrounds which lend much of the character to the Mount Saint Mary Campus. Figures such as Cardinal Edward Clancy and Brother Dan Stewart who have contributed to the formation of the University or left a legacy that endures through its Identity and Mission are also highlighted. Visitors can read about former Strathfield students who have gone on to enjoy successful careers, including Melina Marchetta who penned Looking for Alibrandi, which was later made into a hit film, and two Exercise and Sports Science graduates who are now working with St Kilda and Brisbane Lions football clubs. They can also gain a sense of ACU’s commitment to the common good through descriptions of its work in East Timor, on the Thai-Burma border and other initiatives.


– remember these?

A collection of memorabilia, including a card catalogue, film strips, slides, transparencies, VHS and audio cassettes will bring back memories for older visitors and, along with a timeline of events marking university milestones, indicate the evolution of education and learning and ACU’s ability to keep step with change.

photo of library display




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