A patch above

November 9, 2015 – 10:38 am
ACU Library

Think of the word patchwork and chances are it brings to mind something old that needs repair to last a little longer. The petite quilts currently displayed on level 3 of Strathfield Campus Library defy this notion in their novelty, but their beauty will see them being treasured and enduring.

Sewing by hand and machine, TECH209 students combined pieces of fabrics, which they also designed using a minimum of three surface techniques – screen printing, dyeing and digital sublimation printing.

Individual quilts respond to various cultural references and are inspired by visual artworks. Students were also required to work in small groups to develop a colour palette upon which they each base a quilt which are then assembled as a set.

Students will gather on Monday evening, November 9 with their fellow students, teaching staff, parents and friends to view the works. The quilts bring a welcome splash of colour and interest to the library walls, so if you’re at Strathfield, stop by and enjoy the display.

Photograph of 29 individual petite quilts

The individual petite quilts designed by TECH209 students

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