Feast day Saint Thomas Aquinas: 28 January

January 28, 2017 – 8:00 am

Today is the feast day of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Saint Thomas Aquinas is the Patron Saint of our Ballarat (Aquinas) Campus.

A Dominican Friar, Thomas Aquinas was a renowned theological scholar. He is most noted for writing the Summa Theologica. As a comprehensive statement of thought on all the Christian mysteries, the Summa Theologica remains one of the most significant theological texts.

Image of Saint Thomas Aquinas

What are Patron Saints?

Patron Saints are often touted as those who can intercede in heaven on our behalf, or advocate for a cause.  Yet, more importantly, our Patron Saints help and inspire us to follow the example of their lives.

At Australian Catholic University (ACU) traditions are important, and to that end, we have decided that the University have a Patron Saint, and that each of the University’s faculties will have a Patron Saint – to help us carry the spirit of faith, learning and justice in all that we do.

These Patron Saints are deemed to be special protectors in a specific area, through either tradition, custom, or by declarations of the Church (taken from an explanation of Patron Saints on the ACU website)


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