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April 10, 2017 – 10:59 am

ACU Library currently has three resources on trial ending soon.

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The Clinical Sports Medicine Collection – 11 Days left!

A complete practical guide to musculoskeletal medicine and physical therapy. All aspects of diagnosis and management of sports-related injuries and physical activity are covered, including the fundamental principles of sports medicine, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, enhancement of sports performance and dealing with special groups of participants.

Trial ends 21 April 2017


Women’s Studies Part 1: Women’s Issues and Identities – 12 Days left!

Women’s Issues and Identities provides the opportunity to witness history from the female perspective. Global in scope, the archive presents materials covering the social, political, and professional aspects of women’s lives and offers a look at the roles, experiences, and achievements of women in society. A wide range of primary sources provide a close look at some of the pioneers of women’s history, a deep dive into the issues that have affected women, and the many contributions they have made to society.

Trial ends 22 April 2017 

Suffragette demonstration painting

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Socialism on Film, Module 1 – 20 Days left!

This collection of films from the communist world reveals war, history, current affairs, culture and society as seen through the socialist lens. It spans most of the twentieth century and covers countries such as the USSR, Vietnam, China, Korea, much of Eastern Europe, the GDR, Britain and Cuba.

Trial ends 30 April 2017

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