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Blogs enable emergence and networked knowledge

Marcus O’Donnell from the University of Wollongong in “Blogging as pedagogic practice”, considers the potential of blogs to go far beyond (though not in a utopian kind of way) what educators normally consider. He claims that this is because we normally ask new technologies, like blogs, to do what we already do, just more efficiently, or better. He calls for a re-think of what we do based on thinking about what blogs are and what they afford that is different, which he believes is related to the idea of a “linked” or “networked” approach to learning. In this idea, he says “the sense of agency and individuality is powerful but it is not isolating or egocentric”.

This, he says, helps to focus on the emergence and evolution of knowledge over time, which can be useful in an individual unit but is probably most useful across many of them. According to O’Donnell then, a blog is probably best used in education as a tool to connect disparate ideas together and to allow the parts of new ideas to evolve.

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