Pragmatic Mapping for the Humanities: Workshop 24-25 Nov 2011

19/10/2011 – 2:17 pm
Stephen Oakshott

Pragmatic Mapping for the Humanities:

University of Sydney Arts eResearch Workshop Series

Thursday 24 – Friday 25 November 2011

1 day workshop Thursday 24 November 2011

1 day data clinic Friday 25 November 2011


An introduction to low-cost methods for collecting and delivering location data and creating interactive maps on the web.

The evolution of the Web has made mapping software and map data freely available, but how useful is this for research, teaching and consulting, and how do you choose and set up appropriate tools?

This hands-on  workshop will shortcut the process by explaining the basics of mapping applications and data sources, presenting examples of ways in which maps can be used in sometimes unexpected contexts, and giving you the practical skills needed to create interactive maps online from your own data. We will also cover overall planning, data collection, assessing map resources, and use of digital maps in publication.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to maps and mapping, coordinates and projections
  • Concepts, jargon and tools, from GIS to mashups
  • Free and low-cost data sources of map data
  • Turning archives and historical sources into data
  • Using and understanding historical maps and other map documents
  • Using satellite and aerial photographs to map data
  • Heurist and other methods of mapping from databases
  • Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Introduction to GIS program options including ArcGIS
  • Creation of publication-quality maps

Data clinic

The second optional day of the workshop will give you a chance to work on your own data with the support of the unit’s GIS and database specialists.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to learn more about maps and spatial data, where to acquire free or low-cost mapping resources, and how to deliver maps on the web.

Technical Skills

Participants will need a basic understanding of databases and maps, but need not have had any prior experience of using GIS or creating digital maps.


Free for University of Sydney staff and students

For others A$400 and A$200 for full-time students

Cost includes GST. Student registration requires proof of full time enrolment.


Access Lab 300, Madsen Building, University of Sydney


Martin King (02) 9351 7667 or


Andrew Wilson and Steven Hayes


Please complete the registration form (download from link) providing contact details and return to or Room 314, Madsen Building, University of Sydney, NSW 2006

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