In Victory for Open-Education Movement, Blackboard Embraces Sharing

20/10/2011 – 9:33 am
Stephen Oakshott

‘Professors who use Blackboard’s software have long been forced to lock their course materials in an area effectively marked, “For Registered Students Only,” while using the system. Today the company announced plans to add a “Share” button that will let professors make those learning materials free and open online.

The move may be the biggest sign yet that the idea of “open educational materials” is going mainstream, nearly 10 years after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology first began giving away lecture notes online. Blackboard made the change after college officials complained that the company’s software, which more than half the colleges in the country use for their online-course materials, was holding them back from trying open-education projects.’

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Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education-The Wired Campus

Author: Jeffrey R. Young

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