Research Trends – Elsevier – Issue 28, May 2012

01/06/2012 – 12:14 pm

Editorial: “This issue illustrates how bibliometrics is useful for a wide range of stakeholders: how it generates powerful numbers with a large impact upon policy; how it helps to assess the impact of scientific journals; how it explores new measures of use of research articles based on the number of times they are downloaded from publication archives, and ways to map research output per city; and how it contributes to the research on the effects of open access publishing. These are all exciting applications in a rapidly developing field. They embody important general notions. Firstly, bibliometricians and informetricians can learn so much from the views and daily practices of researchers whose activities they are studying. Secondly, in order to interpret numbers in a proper way, one must have insight into the potentialities as well as the limitations of the method that generated them. This issue illustrates once again how crucial these notions are”.

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