New Report: “EPUB for Archival Preservation”

21/06/2012 – 9:44 am
Tony McCall

EPUB for Archival Preservation is a new a new publication from the KB/National Library of the Netherlands Departments of Collection and Collection Care, written by Johan van der Knijff.

He begins his report :-

Over the last few years, the EPUB format has become increasingly popular in the consumer market. A number of publishers have indicated their wish to use EPUB for supplying their electronic publications to the KB [National Library of the Netherlands]. In response to this, the KB’s Departments of Collection and Collection Care requested an initial study to investigate the suitability of the format for archival preservation. The main questions were :-

  • What are the main characteristics of EPUB?
  • What functionality does EPUB provide, and is this sufficient for representing e.g.content with sophisticated layout and typography requirements?
  • How well is the format supported by software tools that are used in (pre)-ingest workflows?
  • How suitable is the format for archival preservation? What are the main risks?

author: Gary Price
source: TeleRead

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