How serious is the task of rebuilding the Australian research and academic career?

25/06/2012 – 12:29 pm
Tony McCall

There are a number of projects and reports in the last three years that demonstrate the growing dissatisfaction of new academics and researchers and their tenuous career paths in Australia. I will mention some of them at the end of this post. But to really set the scene, I want to draw upon an unpublished report that should illustrate some baseline concerns around how to grow research and academic careers in Australia.

While the NTEU got a decent run in the media that followed the ACTU’s Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work recently, based on the coverage, you could infer that the NTEU was only concerned with casual and sessional academics. In contrast, if you look at our submission you will see that it focuses on two major kinds of insecure employment, casual academics/teachers and contract researchers (the latter ranges from lab assistants to post-doc fellows). We used the graphic below to demonstrate that if you are in a teaching-only or research-only position, you are much more likely to be employed on an insecure basis.

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author: Jen Kwok
editor: Inger Mewburn
source: The Thesis Whisperer (14/06/12)

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