Potential Research Data Repository data-management use-cases

20/08/2012 – 9:26 am
Tony McCall

This post looks at some of the ways that researchers and the staff who support them might interact with the new Research Data Repository (RDR) we are building at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). This is a document for discussion. As implementation manager, Toby has consulted with several stakeholders on how the RDR will be used and we’d like feedback preferably via the comments on this blog or by email if that suits you better. This post will be of most interest to those involved in the RDR project at UWS and those who are currently engaged in setting up or improving an institutional research repositories as well as the potential ‘customers’ of a data repository.

And it might be of interest to anonymous blogger the Library Loon who doesn’t approve of most research data management planning. She points out:

Most data-management models (the one she is thinking of no exception) map extremely poorly to the research-project cycles and timelines that researchers are accustomed to. The milestones researchers think about—grant applications, awards, data capture, data analysis, interim-report writing, article authoring, renewal applications, and so forth—barely appear in data-management models.


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authors: Peter Sefton & Toby O’Hara
source: University of Western Sydney eResearch Team (17/8/12)

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