Webometrics Institutional Repository Ranking July 2012

03/09/2012 – 8:34 am
Tony McCall

Last month, the CSIC Cybermetrics Lab (Spain) published its Top Institutional Repositories Ranking. In total, 1440 institutional repositories were ranked. It is worth mentioning that there are very few requirements in order to get your repository added to the ranking. For starters, inclusion is free of charge. The most important requirement is having a unique (sub-level) URL attributed to your repository. Even for small or new repositories, it is useful to be included in the ranking because the ranking basically offers a free, twice-yearly web-exposure audit. There are 42 DSpace installations in the top 100 compared to 43 from January of 2012.
A short introduction to the Webometrics Repository Ranking initiative

The aim of the ranking is to support Open Access initiatives and therefore the free and open access to online scientific publications and other scholarly materials. The web indicators are used here to measure the global visibility and impact of scientific repositories. Read a full description of the methodology

Evolutions in the ranking reflect following changes

Changes to the ranking algorithm
Changes in the internal search engine algorithms (necessary since the ranking is based on visibility in search engines)
Improvements or defects on the level of the repository itself: more content, search engine optimization, link building, downtime …

Because of the many variables, it is nearly impossible to put your finger on a strong causal relation between fluctuations of your repository’s ranking and one of these possible causes. However, witnessing a sizeable drop of your repository in the ranking can motivate a more in-depth investigation and search engine optimization.

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