Announcing the PLOS Global Participation Initiative

10/09/2012 – 9:02 am
Tony McCall

PLOS is pleased to announce a program to increase the global participation of authors in open-access publishing. On September 4th, 2012, we launched the PLOS Global Participation Initiative, which aims to encourage submissions from researchers around the world who may previously have been prevented or limited in their ability to publish in open-access journals.

Our mission is to reduce and, if possible, eliminate unnecessary barriers (including cost) to the immediate availability, access and use of research while pursuing a sustainable publishing model in which openness, quality and integrity are central.

The first program in this new initiative aims to tackle barriers to publication based on cost, specifically addressing the lack of funding for publication faced by authors in many countries. The program is outlined below:

Low- and middle-income countries:

Group One – countries on this list will not be charged
Group Two – countries on this list will be charged a flat publication fee of $500

Upper middle- and high-income countries will continue to be charged our standard publication fees.

More at:-

author: David Knutson
source: PLOS Blog (4/9/12)

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