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20/09/2012 – 11:50 am
Tony McCall


What is it?

Wageningen is a Dutch university with a specific focus on the life sciences and “healthy food and the living environment”. It is also home to a groundbreakingly comprehensive institutional repository, Wageningen Yield, that covers not only all the scientific output of the university but also collects grey literature and makes it available to the rest of the world. In addition to its comprehensiveness, the repository is leading the way in providing user statistics and citation reports to its researchers – which in turn encourages greater involvement in the repository by the institution’s academic staff.

How is it a success?

Wageningen Yield is a comprehensive, total output bibliographic database of all the research of the university. The metadata for every article is as complete a description as possible. If an article is open access it is made available, so Wageningen Yield is both a complete academic bibliography and an open access repository. The coverage goes back to 1975.

“Our success lies in the 100% coverage and the large share of open access publications. We’re making reports and proceedings more visible and accessible,” says Peter van der Togt, the former manager of Wageningen Yield.

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