Historical Association Raises Concerns About Open-Access Movement

25/09/2012 – 1:24 pm
Tony McCall

The push for open access to academic research has been justifiably motivated by scholars’ concerns regarding the high subscription prices of many journals, but proposed solutions raise “serious questions” for scholarly publishing in the humanities and social sciences, says a statement released on Monday by the American Historical Association. The association’s statement takes issue with recommendations set forth in a British group’s report about broadening access to research, which the statement said are significant because that report is “likely to influence public policy.” The so-called Finch Report, which has been endorsed by the British government, calls for journals to move away from traditional subscriptions and to adopt a model in which authors pay journals when their work is published. Parts of the current scholarly publishing system may be unfair, the association said, but “solutions that ignore the wide differences between the respective landscapes of science and humanities journals generate new, and more difficult, dilemmas.”

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author: Nick De Santis
source: The Chronicle of Higher Education – The Ticker (24/9/12)

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