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27/09/2012 – 7:08 am
Tony McCall

Public consultation on open data in journals launched …..

From BioMed Central: We propose to change the copyright license in open access journals to make published data available for sharing, integration and reuse without legal restrictions, for the benefit of science. If implemented this would mean authors in the future would apply a Creative Commons CC0 public domain waiver to data – in additional files, tables and reference lists – which they submit for publication, and a Creative Commons attribution license to the remainder of their article.

We strongly encourage all authors and editors to consider the proposals and send any feedback (to by 10th November 2012. The key questions, which include ‘How do you define data?’, are summarized on the BioMed Central Blog and the full proposals are published in BMC Research Notes.

Legal restrictions and uncertainties surrounding scientific data are a barrier to efficient data sharing and reuse, and ultimately the pace of research. Copyright in particular is problematic for data. It is often unclear if data are protected by copyright and the law differs greatly internationally.

To try and more universally clarify the legal status of data published in our open access journals – maximizing the potential for secondary data uses such as text mining – we have been working towards a solution: public domain dedication of data under the Creative Commons CC0 waiver.

In a detailed editorial published in BMC Research Notes we set out the case and process for evolving the copyright and licensing structure in open access journals to make published data truly open, according to the Panton Principles. But we need the community’s help putting these principles into practice.

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author: Iain Hrynaszkiewicz
source: BioMed Central (10/9/12)

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