Research Trends – Big Data

27/09/2012 – 2:28 pm
Tony McCall

Research Trends
Issue 30 – September 2012
Editorial: Special Issue on Big Data

Research Trends is proud to present this Special Issue on the topic of Big Data. Big Data refers to various forms of large information sets that require special computational platforms in order to be analyzed. This issue looks at the topic of Big Data from different perspectives: grants, funding and science policy; data and computational infrastructure; arts and humanities, and bibliometrics.

Prominent researchers from different institutions and disciplines have been invited to write about the use of Big Data and analytics in their work, providing us with examples of tools, platforms and models of decision making processes. The Special Issue opens with an overview by Gali Halevi and Henk Moed exploring the evolution of Big Data as a scientific topic of investigation in an article that frames the topic within the peer reviewed literature.

editorial : Gail Halevi

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source: Research Trends (09/12)

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