Asia-Pacific perspectives on the impact of open access on librarians

30/10/2012 – 8:33 am
Tony McCall

Commentary from librarians in the Asia-Pacific region on the impact of open access :-

To complement the previous post on SwetsBlog about open access (OA) and its actual and potential impact on librarians, we also asked some librarians in the Asia-Pacific region for their thoughts. We had comments from three librarians in Singapore base in Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University:

Tint Hla Hla Htoo (TH), Senior Librarian, Nanyang Technological University
Yuyun Wirawati (YW), Research Librarian, Singapore Management University
Gulcin Cribb (GC), University Librarian, Singapore Management University

Conclusions were made in the last post, which looked at both the answers given by two librarians and two recent reports stemming from studies on similar subject. In short, the three main areas that a marked increase in open access content would influence were:

Discovery services and their improvement
Intra-institutional coaching and communication with research staff about OA
Building and maintaining repositories

What we can glean from the results of our interviews with librarians from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is that the above three points remain critical in an OA landscape also for this region. There seems to be a strong favour towards the repository, and evidence from the region shows that many universities are investing heavily in building robust platforms to manage their own academic records. Some interesting statistics are presented in this paper published out of the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) in their open access journal, Library Philosophy and Practice.

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author: Fin Galligan
source: Swets Blog (Oct 2012)

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