Finch Acknowledges Open Access Could Harm Learned Societies

23/01/2013 – 1:47 pm
Tony McCall

The adoption of open access (OA) in the UK continues to meet with challenges, months after the RCUK adopted the Finch Report recommendations and placed an April 2013 stipulation on research results being published via either Green or Gold OA.

As the policy and its implications have sunk in, responses have been mixed at best.

As far back as a year ago, learned societies were expressing their concerns about what OA policy shifts could mean for them:

The extent to which learned societies depend on their publishing activities for revenue generation varies considerably but, for the majority of societies present, it represents over 50% of their total income. The impact of funder mandates is, therefore, likely to have a significant impact on learned societies.

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author: Kent Anderson
source: The Scholarly Kitchen (22/1/13)

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