Welcome to ACU Research Net!

This research blog is a collaborative effort between ACU Library, Research Services and Graduate Research Studies. Its purpose is to facilitate an exchange of information and ideas on support for, and promotion of, research. We want to start a series of conversations to engage with our staff, and in particular our research community, and invite you to participate in this exchange.

There are many areas of common interest between librarians, researchers, and academic administrators, such as:

  • Government Higher Education research policy and outcomes (especially ERA)
  • Trends in scholarly publishing
  • Open Access
  • Journal rankings
  • Peer review
  • Access to specialized databases and other resources to support research
  • Data management and preservation
  • Research databases and resources

We welcome your ideas and suggestions on how the blog can be developed further.

A special thanks to Anne Thoeming (Director of Research), Professor Carmel Seibold (Dean of Graduate Research Studies) and Fides Lawton (Director of Libraries) for their support.