Day 3 & 4 | Thessaloniki, Beroea, Kalambaka & Meteora


It’s been a huge couple of days and access to good quality internet hasn’t been the easiest – but we’ve finally been able to log on and put something together. From the coastal city of Kavala, we continued our journey following St Paul’s story and headed west towards Thessaloniki and Beroea, to finally end up in Kalambaka for our overnight stay. Over six hours in a bus was pretty exhausting, but it certainly impressed on us how committed St Paul was to his call and mission and how he covered these distances on foot!

We left our hotel in the morning to visit two of six remaining ancient monasteries atop the Meteora rocks – a natural wonder of twenty-four perpendicular rocks where over 600 years ago Byzantine monks chose to establish their cave-like Monastic communities. We were in awe of the beautiful architecture of the two monasteries which were adorned with stunning frescoes, which provided us a deeper sense of the spirituality and faith tradition that continues to survive in this place.

In the afternoon we then journeyed south to Athens, passing the site where King Leonidas of Sparta and the Legendary Battle of “the 300” at Thermopylae took place. Upon arriving Athens, we had a chance to celebrate Mass in an inner-city chapel dedicated to St Joseph. After another five hours in the bus today, we were exhausted, but certainly inspired by all that we experienced!

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