My Library Record PIN change for staff

August 6, 2010 – 3:25 pm

During July 2010, the library changed the way it creates staff library records. They are now system generated, and not manually created.


  • Your new ACU staff ID card is now your active library card.
  • Your library account is automatically generated and can be regularly updated, as are student records.
  • Your log-in to My Library Record  (to place interlibrary loans, renew loans, etc.) has changed. To log in, follow the instructions on the screen and refer to your new staff ID card. Enter ac+ID number or your barcode, and then ddmm of birth for your PIN.
  • Staff members with previous library accounts now have a new record. You won’t see your old transactions on the new record, because we cannot transfer your loans history. Please speak to library staff if you require a printed list.
  • If you wish to renew existing loans, library staff will discharge them from the old record and charge them to the new.
  • All new library transactions will be recorded on the new record, and it will help greatly if you present your ACU card each time you wish to borrow or renew books.

Feel free to contact your Liaison Librarian or your campus library with any questions.

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