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September 28, 2010 – 4:17 pm

The library has just subscribed to the Digital Karl Barth Library on the Alexander Street Press platform.

This resource is a collection of works by one of the twentieth century’s most influential theologians; Karl Barth. It features the entire corpus of Barth’s Gesamtausgabe and comprises of  more than 40 volumes of sermons, letters, lectures, conversations, and academic writings.  Barth’s magnum opus, the 14-volume Kirchliche Dogmatik is also included.

The resource is designed to meet the research needs of religious-studies scholars by enabling highly sophisticated searches. For example, researchers can return comprehensive, accurate results for the following kinds of queries:

  • Find all references to Hitler in Barth’s letters;
  • In Barth’s academic writings, identify words that occur most frequently in close proximity with the keyword λογος;
  • Locate instances where Barth discusses tribulation and suffering in his sermons;
  • Searching all Barth’s works, find all citations of Romans, chapter one.

Why not take a look today?

digital karl barth library

This resource can also be found via the databases & eJournals page, under ‘D’ for Digital Karl Barth Library or under Theology > eReference.

Images & text summarised from An Introduction to The Digital Karl Barth Library

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