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November 22, 2012 – 11:04 am

Latest news from Factiva:

There will be no support for IE6 for Factiva from Dec 31st. Users need to upgrade to IE7 and above. The preferred browsers they support are:

• Windows 7: Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome, Firefox v.3.0+ and Firefox v.4.0+,
• Mac OS X v. 10.2x+: Google Chrome, Safari 3.0+

New to Factiva.com: Dow Jones Media Monitor content

… Media Monitor content is now integrated into Factiva.com, allowing you to identify and act upon breaking news and emerging trends by conducting analysis across traditional and social media content.

More Content, More Value

Factiva continues to grow in terms of quality, quantity, and relevance of sources. The total number of sources accessible in Factiva.com grew by 24% during 2011, and this growth has continued in 2012.

However, there have also been constant enhancements to Factiva’s functionality over this year to simplify your overall product experience and help you to find the information you need, faster and more easily, including:
• Categorised autocomplete.
• Extra functionality to easily download and share media analysis.
• New deduplication options in search results.
• New search functionality allowing users to search source families (e.g. all Wall Street Journal sources), or all source types at once.
• New screen fonts for easier readability.
• Easier group user preferences setup.

New Navigation Bar
Factiva’s new and improved navigation bar allows more of the right information to be displayed on your screen.


Factiva provides fulltext access to Australian and international newspapers. Factiva also includes company snapshots and financial market data. Includes Australian newspapers such as the Age, the Australian, Canberra Times, the Courier Mail (Brisbane), the Herald Sun (Melbourne), and the Australian Women’s Weekly. There are no pictures.

*** ACU has a 5 concurrent user license for Factiva ***

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