New: Library of Latin Texts

January 7, 2013 – 1:36 pm

We now subscribe to two important Libraries of Latin Texts; Library of Latin Texts Series A and Library of Latin Texts Series B.

The Library of Latin Texts – Series A contains a diverse range of Latin works from Antiquity, the
Church Fathers, the medieval period and the modern period. Amongst others, the following
thematic corpora are present in the database:
❱ the Vulgate and the Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament
❱ the complete corpus of decrees from the ecumenical Church councils from Nicaea to Vatican II
❱ the Decretum of Gratian
❱ many Latin versions (ancient, medieval or modern) of works by Aristotle, Averroes, Avicenna, Dionysius the Areopagite, Flavius Josephus, Irenaeus of Lyon, Maximus the Confessor, Origen, Plato, Porphyrus and Jan van Ruusbroec
❱ a vast corpus of hagiographical texts.

The Library of Latin Texts – Series B gathers Latin texts of all genres and all periods. The data are therefore very diverse, and include genres as varied as chronicles, medieval saints’ lives and travel narratives, legal texts, and theological, philosophical and scientific treatises from the earlymodern period. Above all, the emphasis is on the online availability of large corpora of texts.

How will you find this?

From the databases (journals, articles) page, select Library of Latin Texts Series A (or B) from the ‘L’ link in the A-Z list.


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